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  • Before You Start an Injection Moulding Project

    If you’re thinking about getting something injection moulded, there is one overriding pair of factors the most beginners aren’t necessari...
  • New Injection Molding Factory Layout

    Our plastics manufacturing facility is proud to support the US injection molding industry by employing a local team of experienced and ...
  • How Does Injection Moulding Work

    Material granules for the part is fed via a hopper into a heated barrel, melted using heater bands and the frictional action of a reciprocat...

About Us

CN-MOULDING Mold & Plastics is a Chinese Plastic Injection Molding Company, providing custom molded, precision mold making and rapid prototype components to all industries. Together with industry advanced technology and a experience trained engineering team . we are trust to meet all your injection mold manufacturing and plastic needs. Precision mold making can be produced from a variety of metals such as Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum and many more. We always keep Layout at the top, push modernized management system in&...

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